The Finisher

You know the feeling.
You get all excited about a new project.
You plan it all out.
You visualize it complete.
You go get all the tools and materials and ideas you need.
You get started.
You pass the 10% mark without even noticing.
You fly past 20%.
You make mistakes and go back and fix them.
You settle into an easy cruise at 30% and figure you’ll be done in no time.
There’s a little voice in your head about having done this before.
You ignore it.
60% and you start checking to see if you’re done, but you’re still good, it’s all good.
That voice gets louder.  You start daydreaming a little.
You make some more mistakes.  You figure it adds character.
You keep going.
70% you feel a lot of drag.  You give yourself a pep talk.
You make yourself sit down to work on it.
80% comes…
and you take a break.
You’re almost done.
You’ll be done soon.
You just need a little rest.
And then you’re tired.
And busy.
And something else comes up.
You forget exactly how you were doing that thing.
It has to be redone.
You get close enough but you’re annoyed.
81, maybe 82 %
and you’re at a dead stop.
If you’re like most of us, your life is littered with 80% projects.
You’re a long term 80%er, maybe even lifelong.
It’s probably better when you’re in a good mood,
not so good when you’re having a rough time.
Rarely perfect.
When was the last time you had NOTHING undone?
If you’re staring at the screen like this is not a problem you even understand, you can go enjoy your guilt-free leisure time and I’ll catch up with you later.
I asked who had this problem on Facebook.  In less than 12 hours I had over 90 likes and a whole pile of unique comments.
You’re not alone.
We’re not alone.
This is a problem that particularly plagues intensives, which I noticed as soon as I started to write the book*.
So I figured, if there were that many of us then there was a need for a solution.
Now I’m not going to work magic, but I am going to change the way you think and the way you work.
I am going to offer you a set of tools that work for me and for a lot of other people I know.
You still have to use them, of course.
Option One: The Finisher’s Pack
Start here: Marie Kondo those projects that have been sitting around.  Is it useful?  Does it bring me joy?
When you’re done cleaning them out, I’ve got tools for you.
  • 12 quick audio files with mini-lessons.
  • A set of 12 tools like pomodoros that actually help with task completion.
  • A calendar page (print out as many as you want!) designed for intensive-style planning and goals.
  • a guided meditation  to help you visualize the finished product and plan how to get there
  • five different ways to break down that last 20% to get it done for real, for good
  • and a bonus: the first ten people to sign up (for either the Finisher’s Pack or the Finisher’s Circle–ten total) get a half hour coaching session with me.
 PREORDER here, shipping December 10th.
Price: $101
Does the personal attention sound like the best part of the deal?
There’s a second option.
For three months, from January through March, I’ll be hosting the Finisher’s Circle.
We’re going to take your 80 percent and make it 100.
There are just 20 spots.
  • Everyone gets a copy of the Finisher’s Pack
  • And a copy of You’re Not Too Much (paper or electronic, to keep or to give away)
  • You get all the tools and all the videos you would have gotten with the Finisher’s Pack
  • if you’re one of the first ten, you still get that half hour with me.
But you also get three months of company, community, and support.
  • We’ll have twice-weekly work sessions together, that you can attend live if you want.
  • We’ll have a private Slack channel where we can always hang out and talk, share stories, and encourage each other.  I’ll be working on my next book, so I’ll be right there alongside you.
  • We’ll have a theme of the week to focus our conversations about strategy.
  • We’ll have the projects we’re working on, but we’ll also dive into some of the deeper questions, like
    • the difference between stopping because you’re bored and stopping because you desperately want it to be perfect,
    • or the question of how we learn to experience pleasure, its relationship to guilt, and what that means for our motivation.
  • When something works for you and helps you move forward, we’ll all celebrate!
  • When something doesn’t work, we’ll troubleshoot.
  • You’ll get an hour a month of one-on-one time with me, if you choose to use it.  Sign up by December 10 and I’ll give you an hour in December, too.  If you’re ready, I want to make sure you hit the ground running in January.
  • And by the end you’ll have community
  • as well as a project that’s done, or well past the 80% mark.
This is for writers with books, and crafters with epic projects.  This is for students with capstones and researchers with analysis and deadlines.  If finishing your project feels more or less like getting the One Ring to Mordor, then you’ve found your Fellowship. We’ve got your back.  We’ll get you there and you’ll get us there.  We’re in this together.
Price: $250/month paid up front, $265/month paid monthly

Finisher’s Circle: $750, paid once.
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Finisher’s Circle: $265 per month for 3 months (first payment now, next payment in a month)
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 …and if you sign up for the Finisher’s Circle by December 10, I’ll give you an hour of coaching in December, too.

My private coaching hourly rate is now $250, which means that if you got nothing else from this, you’d still get your money’s worth.
How should you choose?
If you’re pretty self-motivated and good at working from instructions, the project is not that epic, or you’re super strapped for cash, choose the Finisher’s Pack.  It’s got great tools and excellent audio material, you can access it all right away (or very soon, if you’re preordering), and you can use it over and over in any way you want.  It’s entirely in your hands.  And if you’re one of the first ten people to buy it you’ll get that half hour session with me (must take place by the end of February.)
Price: $101
If you’re dealing with a project of epic proportions, if it’s something you’ve been stuck about for a long time, and if what you really need is to know you’re not alone–plus awesome support and community, great resources, and a little more structure to keep you on track, join the Finisher’s Circle.  You’ll get personal attention, personal connection, and the kind of pressure that only you can put on yourself when you know we’re all cheering for you.  You’ll also get reassurances and laughter.  And you’ll get done, or well past 80%.  All you have to do is play along.

Finisher’s Circle: $750, one payment, starts January 9, 2017
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Finisher’s Circle: $265 per month for 3 months (first payment now, next payment in a month).  Group begins January 9, 2017
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Who am I?

My name is Leela.
I’m a writer, coach, esoteric and liberal clergy, artist, thinker, creative.  I’m messier than I want to be, stronger than I think I am, and an inveterate brain sleuth.  I’ve had schooling from The Coaches Training Institute, Meadville/Lombard Theological School, The Green Mountain Institute, and Carleton College.  I’ve done everything from computer tech to baking bread and building furniture for a living, and I’ve lived in four countries and all across the US.  
I love travel, I love learning about brains, and I love putting what I’ve learned to work.
I think everyone should have access to the best tools their brains can use.
That’s why I’m a coach.
Because it changes lives.
It makes lives better.
It gives us more compassion, more choice, and more joy.
And better lives make a better world.
That’s my big confession: that I’m doing all this to make the world a better place, and I want you to be part of it–the better world, and the transformations that are part of it.
* The Book: You’re Not Too Much is the book I wrote about being intense (I call it being an intensive) and how to survive in a world that’s not ready for us.  If people have told you you’re too much, overwhelming, or get too into things?  You should check it out:
**Why the dollar ending?
My family is half Indian.  In India, 101 is a lucky number.  Tradition says that round numbers (like 100) are endings.  Numbers ending in 1 are beginnings.  Let’s start something good.