• For any of my friends or colleagues in need of great help and support, I want to make sure you know about my genius friend Leela Sinha. Despite being someone who is uber-skeptical about anyone or anything in the area of “life coaching,” a few years back, I worked with her to get help with my work-life balance problems (I don’t need to tell any of you I have those, and that the skew is NOT towards the life side of that equation). She managed to help even super-stubborn me pare down my weekly work hours from around 70 hours to 50, which I have since pared down much of the time to something that looks more like 40, and was also beyond understanding about my fears and resistance with that, and great about getting how it’s pretty different as a full-time grassroots activist and helper, and just as a person who is pretty intense, than it is for folks doing other kinds of work. She does a very wide range of things (including doing some amazing work for people who feel out of touch with pleasure, on the whole, or how to connect with it), and can work remotely through Skype, phone or other tools, I really can’t say enough good things about her…  –Heather Corinna, founder and ED at Scarleteen.com


    should you have any doubts about Leela’s chops in this direction, let me assure you that she is a clear-sighted bullshit-caller, a worthy adversary, and a compassionate lamp-holder in dark places. So if you need any of these things in your life from time to time — as indeed who does not? — now you know another place to get them.

    –Hanne Blank: historian, writer, editor, foodie, renaissance woman

  • ” I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical about seeing a life coach at first. But holy smokes Leela Sinha is amazing! I met with her a few weeks ago to hatch a workable plan to accomplish my business goals and break my procrastination habit, and ever since I’ve been seriously on a roll! She takes overwhelming goals and teaches you how to make them manageable bits on your schedule. She really listens and gets to the root of your roadblocks. I know I sound like a cheesy infomercial, but she seriously helped me adjust my mindset and dream bigger than I ever thought was feasible or practical, and it’s paying off already. Worth every penny, without a doubt. If you’ve got something that needs sorting, consider dropping Leela a line!!”

    –Matthias Rand, Rand Leather

    “Leela was amazing to work with, and our session was just what I needed to help me overcome some of the obstacles holding me back from my work. I came into the session having a loose idea of what I want to manifest in my life, along with a few large fears and a lot of uncertainty. I left with a much clearer sense of direction, some concrete goals, and the motivation to move forward with my dream. Leela helped me to uncover some of my deep-rooted beliefs – about money and my own capabilities – that have been holding me back, and offered concrete ideas for how I could work with and transform these beliefs. Throughout the conversation, Leela was validating, easy to talk to, full of great ideas and connections, and super fun! I’d work with her again in a heartbeat, and recommend her to anyone looking for guidance, clarity, or how to get “un-stuck.”

    –Roan Coughtry

    “Leela is the type of magic person whose calming presence makes you want to curl up in her lap and escape the world … and then you realize she’s spent her time with you stealthily stalking down the dungeon corridors in your brain and heart, rescuing all the wild, fierce, gorgeous things you had locked up inside yourself. She knows how to let you feel soothed until you figure out tameness is the opposite of what you need in your life. She lets the possum inside us be safe while she also allows you to realize the falcon needs to hunt. She sets those fierce aspects of you alight in such a way that you wonder, “where in the world did these amazing, glorious things come from? How could I ever have thought I needed to cover and cage them?”

    Thank you, Leela – thank you with all my heart.”


    I would highly recommend Leela Sinha’s coaching sessions. I’ve done a lot of talk therapy in my life and it’s taken months to get at some of the things Leela can identify in a few short hours. It’s amazing how concrete plans can become the solution to things you think of as “issues.” It’s well worth your time and money to have a session with her.

    –Max Coolidge, Esq.

    When I stated talking with Leela, I was overwhelmed and confused, and holding tightly to my stories. I wasn’t even sure what I needed to work on, I was just miserable and unsure how to get what I wanted. Leela helped me to see my own invisible limitations, remember how different everything feels when I am grounded in my body, and focus on what I’m working towards rather than the past. I laughed, I cried, I claimed what I wanted, and I felt heard. When the call was over, I had a clear desire with a timeline, new ideas for how to make money, and doable short-term tasks. I am still discovering the effects of the deep work we did together.

    WG, Spokane, WA

    Leela never pushes. She is gentle and flexible and encouraging. She helps you see what is in front of you without making/letting you feel stupid for not seeing it sooner. She helps you take care of yourself so you can access your own resources, your own knowing, and your own wisdom. –Vicki Bamman


    it was a profound experience. –K, Boston, MA


    “I found your workshop transformative. I know it will be just as wonderful for [other folks]. Rock on,Leela.” –G, Boston, MA


    One short massage from Leela unwound a deep tangle of tension that I’d been carrying around for years. But that’s not the best part. It’s what she *said* that really made the difference. It felt like she was interpreting my body to me. Just one insight, but it shifted something huge. Leela, every time I wiggle my hips, I think of you!

    –Lean Ni Chuilleanain, Ireland


    Leela is wonderfully sane, not to mention a sneaky smartypants. She knew that helping me take six giant steps back from my big tangled high-stakes must-do problem would bring clarity of vision, but she graciously didn’t argue that (I’d have fought it), and instead touted self-care and pleasure. Now not only do I know what to do, but my business is growing as though I’d drenched it in compost for six months (which I did!). –Anna Barnett, USA


    Leela speaks and acts with deep and focused passion. She has unusual and deep wisdom about the power of surrender as a tool for transformation. When most of us are looking for a tool to get something done, Leela often asks if we are taking care of ourselves so that we are able to use the tools we already have. This is VERY powerful stuff. –Andy Dolph, USA


    Coaching is truly a superpower of Leela’s. It feels like I always come away from our conversations with a metric arseload of fantastically useful insight. In person, she’s one of the most present, tuned-in, connected people I’ve ever met.

    -Lean Ni Chuilleanain, Ireland