“Now it all makes sense!”

Expansives and Intensives. The Tortoise and the Hare. You’d think they’d be sworn enemies, but in your best case, they’re fast friends.

Let me take you from frustrated to delighted in an hour.

When they (by which I mean you) are laughing at themselves (yourselves) and recognizing the strengths around them (you), then the light bulbs start to fire: imagine what we could do together. Imagine.

I take risks and bring everyone with me.  I’m an edgy speaker with a touch of slam poetry style, a strong sense of mischief, and an equal dose of depth.  My talks have strong didactics, useful examples, and memorable stories.  But there’s something else:

I take people right up to the brink and one step further, because I am an intensive…and because that’s where the juice is.

Here be dragons; here lies innovation; here lies the power to fly.

This is interesting territory: there’s a diversity angle, there’s a leadership angle, there’s a team angle. And by interesting, I mean a little risky, because it’s more than a little real.  What impacts do intensiveness and expansiveness have on your workplace?  Your leadership style? You personally? What if you weren’t so damn frustrated all the time?  Who isn’t at the table because intensiveness makes you uncomfortable?


listen here:

how to hire me:

Contact me using the form below or book a let’s chat session by phone.  Tell me how long, what your audience and organization are, and the topic you’re interested in. We can set up a time to talk and go from there.  My speaking fees vary depending on a number of factors, including context, topic, and length.  One hour corporate keynotes start at $4300 plus expenses.