power pods (and pairs)

Hey #intensives! If you’re established small biz owners, I’m starting something for you!
It came to me in a haze of inspiration and shower water a couple of nights ago (I seriously do get all my best ideas in the shower). I might send you an email but also feel free to ask about it. The focus is ETHICAL PROFITS (for intensives, of course).
It’s based on something I’ve been doing with some of my favorite clients ever that’s working amazingly well–it just sort of evolved out of our private work; I want to offer the same format to a few other people.
You know that thing where you’re in class and some other student asks the question you were thinking about but hadn’t asked yet, or a related question, or makes the mistake out loud that you would have made were you speaking instead of them?  And you were feeling smug that you already knew the answer so you’re only half listening but then they’re WRONG and you snap to attention because OH SHIT THAT WAS ALMOST YOU BEING WRONG OUT LOUD IN CLASS?
And you listen more and the light dawns and you think think, “OH I GET IT” but you don’t say that because you don’t want to interrupt class (or you do but you start loud and get really quiet after two words because you realize you’re interrupting) but you’re so RELIEVED that you didn’t do it in public and also their context has given you a way better understanding of the concept than if you had just asked your question?
We’re going to do that.
My previous struggle with group programs has been establishing a format that’s a good fit for my style and energy which tends to focus tightly on the person I’m working with in the moment. I tend to get so focused in when someone asks a specific question that they end up with a lot of attention.  My individual clients are AWESOME and I love working with them, partly because every session goes exactly where it needs to and is fully spontaneous, and I can focus completely on them. I wanted something that picked that up and didn’t try to force artificial structures or preset foci on the group, but still let people get the strength and wisdom from each other. As it turns out, I was test-developing it all along.
  • There are going to be two versions: a four person version and a two person version. If you want the 2 person version you bring your own other person. The four person version I’m going to hand pick people to get a good mix. 
  • It is going to be quite affordable but still sustainable for me (FINALLY I found something that does that).
  • The first round is going to be specifically for established small business owners (bricks and mortar or virtual, and what you’d call a solid business), and I’m going to send out a few invitations to people I know personally that might be interested. However, if you think you’d be interested please let me know–I know a LOT of people and I might not have realized you’re a good fit.
  • There are four seats.
  • It lasts six months.
  • We meet weekly.
  • You have to be live on the calls, it’s a requirement and a commitment. With that size group no one can be missing, really. We all need everyone there.  No backing out (and no refunds).  The group can’t be easily reformulated, so I want you in with both feet.
  • the cost is an affordable $300/month per person
  • I’m aiming to start by mid-April, sooner if the cohort comes together faster, no later than the beginning of May at the latest.
Here’s how it works:
We meet weekly on a group call, almost certainly on Zoom, for 90 minutes.
Members #1 and #3 get hot seated for 30m each during the call in weeks 1 and 3; Members 2 and 4 get hot seated for 30m each in weeks 2 and 4.  In the weeks where you’re not hot seated you’re expected to meet on your own time with your pod buddy.  (1 with 3 and 2 with 4).  
After the hot seat there’s time for group reflection with grace–nothing mean but everything real that might be helpful.
So you get an hour of coaching with me every month, but you get it while being witnessed and supported by your pod mates, including feedback from people in similar business structures.  There are some wild statistics about how much better people do with goals when we write the goals down and share them with others. 

“The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) did a study on accountability and found the following statistics:

The probability of completing a goal if:

  • You have an idea or a goal:  10%
  • You consciously decide you will do it:  25%
  • You decide when you will do it:  40%
  • You plan how  you will do it:  50%
  • You commit to someone you will do it:  65%
  • You have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed to:  95%”


We’re going to take advantage of that.  To some extent that’s what a mastermind does, but not everyone is equipped to coach people, and sometimes the mastermind format misses that, or has to be too rigid to accommodate the reality of people’s lives and skills.  So I’ll be doing the coaching, and you’ll be getting the coaching.  An hour of that is active coaching every month.   The rest is reflecting and listening to what your peers are working on.
We’ll do some deep introduction work at the beginning of the six months, so you’re not talking to strangers, and the group is going to be hand picked by me.  I’m going to be looking for personalities that will do this work well together.  We’ll have guidelines so no one gets gut punched by accident (and I’m not inviting people who would gut punch people on purpose).  
What’s on the table?  Ethics and profits together.  Racism (I’m not an expert, but we sure can talk about it!) and classism and accessibility.  Also being the most awesome possible employer while still paying your own bills.  The ethics or lack thereof of wealth.  Why it’s probably ok to be making more than your employees, depending on what values you’ve established for your business (but not, like, a bazillion times more, because ethics).  Also regular business problems–sometimes you’re just going to have a staff problem or a crisis that needs tending, and of course you can bring it.  You’ll hear me say this over and over: it’s all connected.
What are my qualifications?
Coaching training.  Ministry training.  Bodywork training (bodies are part of the story for absolutely positively sure).  Small business owning co-clients with a lot of success.  Oh, and I wrote the book on #intensives.
What are YOUR qualifications?
Small business owner. (I love you, nonprofit people, but this cohort is just for the for-profit crowd.) Been around for a few years.  Feeling nice and solid.  Maybe have a few people working for you (part time or contract or full time, whatever).  Intensive.  Excited to do this work, even if you’re also terrified.  Ready to make some changes.  Really, that last one is important.
Why do this instead of just paying for an hour of coaching every month?
Because you’re getting four 90 minute sessions of coaching, learning, connection, and accountability for the price of 60 minutes, which…I can’t begin to describe the difference it makes for my clients who do this–they are setting and cruising through lofty goals, they are having deep and transformative experiences, and they are doing it all at high integrity and high speed.
How do you sign up?
You talk with me.  Make a ‘let’s chat’ appointment here on the scheduling page  and we’ll get started.  If you’re not a good fit for this cohort I’ll keep you on the list for the next one.
 (If you have someone you really want to do this program with, just the two of you, contact me–that’s a slightly different offer but it is on the table.  $525 a month, 75 minute sessions, coaching for both of you every week.)