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How do you know if you’re intense?
Or maybe it’s someone you know and love…who drives you up a wall?

Intensives are people who are intense.  Usually we find out from the people around us first:

Could you back off?  Tone it down?  You’re too much.  If you want to be taken seriously you’re going to need to ease up.

But this is who we are, and this is how we do best:

  • We work like hell and then rest like we’re dead.
  • We go all-in or we’re completely out.
  • We get super focused on a project, and have a hard time seeing outside it.
  • We get to know people deeply, right away.
  • We don’t really like authority…unless it’s ours.
  • We are clear and opinionated and really, really good at at least one thing.
  • We usually tolerate chaos and risk better than others, and we love power.

Sound familiar?

If so, welcome home.  I’m so glad you found your way here.  Grab a hot mug of your favorite hot drink and stick around a bit.

(Not sure you understand intensiveness yet?  Hop over to my hub at for videos, audios, infographics, assessments, and the book that started it all. Then come back here.)

With me, you’ll learn to love being an intensive, or being with an intensive, or continue to celebrate how utterly awesome it is!

You’ll also find your next goal or solve your most recent problem, and use your intensive brilliance to do it.

Packages at $750 include one, two-hour phone session, followed by three 15 minute followup sessions, and quick questions by text or FB messenger for a month.  We’ll address your problem, the problem underlying the problem, and making you a plan.  The followups are to keep you from getting off track.

All-Day, All-In Coaching Days at $1500 include six hours of every skill I have to offer.  If you come to me, we can do this in person for an additional $1000 which includes a hotel room for you that we will also use as our base in the city during our time together. I love doing in person sessions; there’s a magic that can’t be replicated and whatever is stuck will MOVE.  I am also willing to come to you for an additional charge.

Workshops, keynotes, and presentations for groups are available upon request.  Fees typically start at $3000 plus expenses.  Here’s a list of suggested topics, but feel free to suggest something.

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Because our work is so intensely focused and personal, it’s good to have contact first.  Use the form below to drop me a line and we can sort details, get things settled, and then I’ll give you the magic money details so we can get started.  Get in touch!