Intensives for Intensives

Do you like to dive all the way to the bottom in one go?  Get it all done in one burst?  The i4i is for you.

Intensives for Intensives (i4i) are all-day, individual, in-person, immersive coaching experiences in Berkeley, California.

  • just you (and me)
  • in person
  • in Berkeley
  • all day (8 hours)
  • on Tuesday or Thursday
  • with a night of hotel before and after
  • for intensive entrepreneurs and executives
  • who have something big to tackle

It costs $4000.

i4i is a retreat, a crucible, a transformation.
it is at once whatever you want it to be and completely unexpected.
No two are anything alike.


If your gut says yes, you’re a yes.  Book a Let’s Chat session to discuss it.
If your gut says maybe, ask yourself these:
Are you ready to laugh, joke, work, write, discuss, analyze, possibly cry, and eat your way through downtown Berkeley?

Leela drew ideas out of me naturally, without all the angst I’d previously had. Through our conversation, I pinpointed elements to include in my current business model – ones that I was actually excited about implementing, that resonated with my values.

We had ample space to dig into how I spend my time, versus how I’d like to spend my time, and how natural, cyclical shifts in my energy can support those changes.

Are you ready to drop the shenanigans and move forward on your leadership and business life?
Leela helped me to identify the people I can rely on to support me when I’m struggling in my business or facing opposition. She encouraged me to dream big, in terms of my professional goals, all while helping me to a) examine the fears that are keeping my goals small, and b) break those big goals down into actionable steps.
Do you want to get it done and dusted in one fabulous day, and ready to implement?
I left our session with a hefty list of next steps to take, but with an even greater amount of excitement and enthusiasm for tackling that list.
I’ve already implemented what I’ve learned about my time and my energetic cycles into my schedule this week, and lo and behold, I’m much more focused and grounded.
I’m feeling significantly more confident about what I offer, both to potential clients and to colleagues, and for the first time in a while, motivated to set and achieve meaningful goals.
If you’re looking to do a deep dive (into your business, a specific goal or project, your purpose, etc.), consider doing it with Leela. Expect to come out of this work with clarity, focus, and enthusiasm for what’s to come.
–Alison Traina, Alight Coaching
Yes, yes, yes?  Book that chat session.
Nuts and bolts:
It includes two nights at a fabulous boutique hotel in downtown Berkeley, three meals, and airport transportation from the Oakland, California airport (OAK).  If you must fly into another airport, let’s discuss the best way for you to get from there to the hotel.
You arrive the night before our work together, and are whisked off to your hotel.  This is a retreat: the hotel has no wifi or TV in the rooms (although cell service is adequate and both TV and wifi are available on the lower floors) but I suggest you try being semi-unplugged and see what happens!  Notice when you reach for the internet and what happens if you don’t have it.
If you have requested it, you will have a lovely dinner in the French restaurant there; otherwise you can choose your pleasure.
The next morning we begin at 9AM with breakfast at one of the dozens of amazing eateries, eating and making a loose map of the day.  We then work together until lunch, when we get to pick again from the restaurants.  Your meals (dinner before, breakfast and lunch the day of) are included, and we have an unbelievable assortment of possibilities from which to choose.  After lunch we work again until 5 unless we agree we are done sooner.
 You are welcome to bring a digital recorder to capture our longer conversations if you wish, and a favorite notebook and pen.  If mobility is easy we can roll or stroll the streets of Berkeley, pausing here and there for inspiration or pleasure.  I find motion unlocks things.  However, if it works better to sit still, we can use the sitting rooms in the hotel, your room at the hotel, a park, or a coffee shop. (Please let me know about mobility, dietary, and other accessibility needs and preferences before our appointment so I can plan accordingly.)
Three days, two nights, three meals, and eight hours.  $4000.  Yum?  Get in touch.
About saying no:
Hear this: if your gut says no, if the money is out of reach, if just reading about it makes you feel exhausted but you think you SHOULD want to, then you’re not saying yes.  You’re saying no.  That’s really important; please honor that.  Most of my work is about consent in one way or another, and both consent and integrity are top values for me.  If you feel no, mean no, think no? Say no.  Please.
Still want to work with me?  How about an hour at a time, on the phone, instead of eight hours in person and at once?
Not ready for one on one?  Bring me in for a training or keynote.  Book a Let’s Chat session and we can talk about it.
Wondering what the heck an intensive is, because it sounds good but you’ve never heard of it?  Read all about it at my other website, or buy the book in print or Kindle.
A note about guests, restoration, and recovery:
In order to recover and digest, you are booked for two nights–one before, one after.  Plan to do whatever you find restorative after we are done.  This work is intense and all-consuming, so I don’t recommend bringing family, but if you wish to bring family with you please arrange for them to be out of the room during our session time and be aware you may well be depleted at the end of the day.