Corporate Topics

Workshops, talks, consulting, and coaching are available on a number of topics.  To book these or any other related topics, please contact Leela Sinha directly by emailing leela at her first name her last name dot com.

Topics available include:

  • Introductory:
    • SIEF 101: an introduction to intensives, expansives, and the Sinha Intensive/Expansive Framework
  • Corporate and Leadership
    • SIEF in Organizations: What is your organization’s character?  Does it match your leadership?  How does that work to your advantage and disadvantage?  How can you improve the system to better support all kinds of people?
    • SIEF for HR: What do common job descriptions look like through the SIEF lens?  Is your organization consistent, or are some departments different from the organization as a whole?  What to consider when writing and hiring for a given role: managerial style, department style, demands of the position itself, SIEF score of the applicant.  How can you use SIEF scores and concepts to write more coherent job descriptions? Doing your own SIEF recruiting review. Good SIEF consistency in a job description can lead to higher productivity, higher job satisfaction, and higher retention rates.
    • SIEF for Leaders: A managerial team or a group of leaders at the same level learns to look at their team through the SIEF lens: who are the intensives?  Who are the expansives?  Which parts of their roles fit or don’t fit their styles?  How can jobs be recombined to better suit the SIEF profiles of the people doing them?  When recruiting, are you looking for an intensive or an expansive?  How can you avoid trying to get both sets of strengths in one person, which just leads to frustration? What is your SIEF score?  How does that affect your leadership style?  How can you use that information to communicate and lead more effectively?
  • Diversity
    • SIEF for Anti-Racism: What are the roots of the expansive bias we have in the US and Canada (and in certain other places around the world)?  How have those roots fed systemic racism in language, culture, and institutions both in the work world and in our communities at large?  How can you use the Framework both personally and institutionally to better understand and reconfigure your relationship to intensiveness and to racism?  How does SIEF help build different kinds of alliances in this work?  What in your institution is expansive biased, and are you ready, willing, and able to change that?
  • Nonprofits
    • SIEF for Volunteer Leadership: As a volunteer leader you have a unique role.  What’s your organization’s SIEF orientation, and what’s yours?  Do they match?  How can you build bridges with other volunteers while staying true to your convictions and supporting the work that you signed up to be a part of?  What kinds of roles might you be most effective in, and how can you move toward those roles in your volunteer work?
    • SIEF and Faith Development: Different religions and religious practices align with different SIEF orientations.  But sometimes in spiritual work you’re trying to stretch yourself by doing things that are uncomfortable.  Are your spiritual or religious practices in alignment with your SIEF orientation?  Should they be?  What are you mirroring or countering in the rest of your life by choosing those practices.  Are you choosing them because of cultural pressure or because you feel called to them?  What support do you need in alignment with your SIEF orientation to be able to do spiritual growth work that runs counter to it?  What spiritual work do you need to do in alignment with your SIEF orientation?  Does this affect your volunteerism with your faith?  Your giving?  Other parts of your relationship with it?