about Leela

I am a speaker, an author, a teacher, a community minister.

I don’t drink coffee, but I relish a good herbal tea.  I knit and weave and do woodworking, I love my two sweet cats, and my living room is full of slightly awkwardly out of date computers, because you can take the person out of the IT department, but you can’t take years of IT and a whole family of STEM geeks out of the person.

Unlike most of my friends and relatives, words are my playground, and I think for fun, but academia never felt like a place I’d be at home.  I speak Geek and Computer fluently, but they’re not my native tongue.

My first art was poetry.

My second was rhetoric.

My mother always said I should be a lawyer.  My father thought I should be an engineer.

Instead I became a theater technician, a computer geek, a cabinetmaker, a minister, and a coach, in that order.

And then, finally, I became an author.

The SIEF (Sinha Intensive/Expansive Framework) concepts were the golden lining of a back injury that immobilized me for too many months with not enough to do.  They went from Facebook posts to blog posts to a book in eighteen months.

Intensive much?

I do this because it is my calling.  It is my work in the world to draw people out, but it’s not fair to ask them to stretch without offering a framework, a ladder, a handhold.  The SIEF is a scaffolding for deeper change.  I’m here to make your life easier, more beautiful, more satisfying.  I’m here to make your organization run more smoothly and efficiently.  I’m here to help you understand what’s happening, so you spend more of your time doing what you do.

And I’m here to walk with you to the edge, so we can go flying together.