SIEF Typing Organizations: Is your company intensive or expansive?

People have SIEF types. They are intensive or expansive, high or low tolerance, possibly squished, tempered, or fried to a crisp. Institutions are a little less fine-grained, but they still have types. Intensive institutions are nimble, innovative, often but not always small (I’m looking at you, Google), and more likely…

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writing a SIEF-smart job description

How do you hire people who will love their jobs? Step one: make sure it’s a fit. I’ve started looking at job postings with an eye to the SIEF qualities. Is it for intensives? Expansives? Some unrealistic blend? So often, organizations will write a job description that’s “We’re looking for a motivated…

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I am a speaker, an author, a teacher, a community minister. I don’t drink coffee, but I relish a good herbal tea.  I knit and weave and do woodworking, I love my two sweet cats, and my living room is full of slightly awkwardly out of date computers, because you…

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