Leading Intensives

Hire the right people. Get their best work. Keep them happy.

Intensives in Leadership

Reduce your frustration. Reduce their panic. Innovate smoothly. Level up brilliantly. Don't get fired.

Antiracism and Diversity

Wolf in sheep's clothing: expansive bias as systemic prejudice. See it, understand it, start to eliminate it.

SIEF Typing Organizations: Is your company intensive or expansive?

People have SIEF types.   They are intensive or expansive, high or low tolerance, possibly squished, tempered, or fried to a crisp.   Institutions are a little less fine-grained, but they still have types.   Intensive institutions are nimble, innovative, often but not always small (I’m looking at you, Google),…

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writing a SIEF-smart job description

How do you hire people who will love their jobs? Step one: make sure it’s a fit. I’ve started looking at job postings with an eye to the SIEF qualities. Is it for intensives? Expansives? Some unrealistic blend? So often, organizations will write a job description that’s “We’re looking for a motivated…

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SIEF-Smart Benefits Packages

People are not all the same.   That’s obvious.   If you’re in charge of people, your job is to make sure the people can do you the most good while also being happy and fulfilled, which works out better for everyone.   You can pay them well, you can…

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Welcome, intensives!  We’re channeling our intensiveness, using our power for good, and building spaces and businesses where intensives can thrive. We celebrate intensiveness and make it a virtue and a joy.  My clients are intensive entrepreneurs and executives learning to light a fire without burning the house down. Are you one of us?  Come on in!

*an intensive is someone who is intense, who goes like hell and rests like the dead, who dials it to eleven or doesn’t bother. Learn more here and for even more, including the book, visit my other site here.